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Who we serve

Living Tree's leadership has a sizable list of past performance engagements related to global public procurement and commercial business development over the decades.
Our Team has performed many public procurement contracts funded by Public Funds, i.e., UNDP, Korean government,i.e., Public Procurement Service of Korea, Korea Healthcare Promotion Industry Institute, Ministry of Environment, Korean Export/Import Bank customers, and many others B2B consumers. We are here to create a value proposition for our government, international organization, and B2B customers.

The Living Tree team has executed similar projects for numerous Korean businesses and Korean Government agencies, including:

•Combined experience assisting more than 60 Korean SMEs, including major domestic medical industry players

•Korean Public Procurement Service (PPS)

•Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME)

•Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI)

•And others

With extensive study of public procurement practice and guidelines, our team follows the OECD’s guiding principles in  our effort to assist Korean companies in winning a larger share of foreign procurement spending.  Our successful results speak for themselves, and we have won millions of dollars in procurement business for our clients.