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Take a look at our services and see how we can get you in business with international governmental and intergovernmental organizations:


Procurement Consulting

We provide customized consulting services for firms interested in entering lucrative public procurement markets (Multilateral Development Bank, United Nations, OECD Nations, and other International Organizations)

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Capacity Building & Training

We help firms understand and implement the principles behind public procurement with government and inter-governmental organizations.

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Proposal Writing

Bidding for a government contract? We provide a comprehensive top-to-bottom strategy to help your firm win major international competitive bidding.




 We provide managers and decision makers with the knowledge necessary to tackle the practical minutia of the public procurement industry

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Procurement Consulting


We provide a holistic consulting service for our clients to help them understand the processes and procedures of participating in International Competitive bidding. This is a fundamental part of acquiring contracts from contracting authorities, i.e., United Nations, US, EU, OCED countries, MDBs, and other international organizations.

Our unique and streamlined capture management process, fine-tuned to run in your company's structure is just an example of the innovative solutions we have to offer.

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proposals are the backbone of bids

Contracting authorities such as the UN, MDB's, OECD nations, and International organizations ultimately qualify the bidders and award contracts on the basis of Best Value for Money, and this is illustrated best through a well written proposal. At any given time, there are hundreds, or thousands of business opportunities for companies wanting to bid for contracts, but no amount of submitted proposals can result in winning them unless the scope is appropriately addressed and an appealing solution presented. When contracting authorities make an Expression of Interest, Request for Information, Request for Quotation, or Request for Information, an economic operator must write a proposal to lay out the technical and pricing element to present the idea, approach, solutions, and cost associated with the request. The burden is on the bidder to prove that they can do the job being asked as well as anybody else, and for cheaper. This is by no means an easy job. A full proposal pipeline can cost up to 5% of the value of the contract itself on average, and if you aren't winning contracts, you simply are not recouping those costs. 

There are many different ways and methodologies on how to carefully assess and study RFP's and build a matrix to present value propositions attractive to government or intergovernmental customers. We've determined some of the best strategies to writing award-winning proposals. 


team-building over team-work

Our Capacity Building and Training Programme enables economic operators/company/offerors to learn the process and procedures on how to secure contracts from contracting authorities. Economics operators must possess the capability to understand the global public market trend and information. With such knowledge, the economic operator can not only comply with the particular contracting authority's rules and regulations to submit the proposal but also develop the skillset and experience to come up with solutions to problems laid out by the contracting officer. One of the crucial elements of capability building is understanding the concept of capture management and develop an implementation plan to execute the tasks to secure contracts.


Educational Programs

Global Public Procurement is not an easy topic to learn the process and procedures of. One must understand its functions, contexts, practices, and methodologies to be successful. Currently, there are five educational programs available in Korea for the Global Public Procurement market. Mostly initiated and designed by Professor Kim Manki of KAIST, this course offers a basic level to advanced management offered by KAIST. 

  1. Policy Design Support for Public Procurement for SMEs and Innovation in Costa Rica

  2. A unique program for University Student jointly managed by Public Procurement Service of Korea and KAIST Center for Public Procurement: since its inception in 2019, hundreds of University students graduated one week. https://www.pps.go.kr/mobile/item/domesticView.dom?boardSeqNo=2833&pageIndex=1&boardId=PPS093

  3. Online program (free of charge) for the general public and career development for University Student. This program is currently available at https://kaist.edwith.org/procurement

  4. Online paid program developed by KAIST, currently offers at Coursera global learning platform https://www.coursera.org/learn/global-public-procurement

  5. KAIST Business School offers the most advanced executive management program. IGMP is a semester Public Procurement management course focuses on business development starchy and participation course. https://www.business.kaist.ac.kr/html/executive/sub02/sub02_0208.html


Policy Design Support for Public Procurement for SMEs and Innovation in Costa Rica

Public Procurement Practices - US Government and UN Global Marketplace (English) 

KAIST IGMP - International Competitive Bidding and Public Procurement Management Course Introduction (Korean)

KAIST IGMP - Class 4 Debriefing - 2020 May to July